Engaging students in online revision

Last year the day before their Unit 1 exam, I told Year 10 I’d be running an online Q&A that evening where they could ask any last-minute questions. I wasn’t sure if anyone would take me up on the offer, but it seemed worth a try.

I was totally blown away by the response. Over two hours we had 232 comments from 73 readers and the chat was so busy that I had to call a 10 minute break in the middle. The sheer volume of questions asked left no doubt that it had had an impact.

The rules for participating were that students should use their first names only, stay on topic and be polite. There was no need to log in – anyone could simply type their name and write a comment. All messages were queued until I approved them, which made it easier for me to answer one question at a time.

To run the chat I used the excellent CoverItLive app. Commercial users have to pay but when I contacted the company they readily set up a free Unlimited account for my school.

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