Writing on everything

I do a lot of learning walks around my department. I’m genuinely interested in what all our students are up to and their learning experiences in different classrooms. I’m on the hunt for great ideas to steal and, equally, opportunities to support colleagues where I can.

The best thing I’ve seen in loads of places is students writing on everything. They use whiteboard pens to write on desks, windows and even ‘magic whiteboards’ on the walls – and in some cases teachers have embedded this as a totally normal part of their lessons. I’ve blogged already on how amazing whiteboards can be for developing confidence, and it’s awesome to see that colleagues are taking it a stage further.

So I’ve reflected on my own practice and in the last couple of weeks I’ve started:

  • writing on students’ desks with my board pen when I’m working through an example with them individually; and
  • offering them their own board pens to use on the tables (or mini boards, if they prefer).

Everyone seems to like it. Except the cleaner, perhaps.

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